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Minister Air Conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh

Latest Minister Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh
Minister SPLIT 1 TON 39,990 Taka
Minister SPLIT 1.5 TON 55,990 Taka
Minister SPLIT 2 TON 66,900 Taka
Minister CEILING 3 TON 149,463 Taka
Minister CEILING 4 TON 160,216 Taka

Minister ac price in Bangladesh depends on the size of the ac that you are looking for as well as the type of AC that you want to buy. The inverter AC price in BD is higher than the non-inverter AC because, in inverter AC, inverter technology is used to save your electricity bills. And adding this technology adds the expense. Below are the prices of Minister Split AC that it begins with. 1 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 39,990. 1.5 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 55,990. 2 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 66,990

Minister Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

In a country like Bangladesh wherein the maximum time of the 12 months is warm, there’s a excessive call for for an air conditioner in Bangladesh.
Many homes now have an air conditioner of their rooms. If now no longer one for every room, they at the least have one air conditioner within side the residence wherein the complete own circle of relatives can take a seat down down collectively and revel in the chilliness after a protracted warm day.

An air conditioner in Bangladesh isn’t always most effective used at houses however in places of work, instructional institutes, and different commercial and business locations as well. This cooling device has turn out to be part of our ordinary lives.

Minister Air Conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh

Minister, One of the popular electronics company in Bangladesh is proud to give to you the first-rate air conditioner in Bangladesh. Minister AC makes use of the cutting-edge generation that offers it many functions making you need to shop for this air conditioner with out a doubt. Minister ACs are clever air conditioners that could discover the extrade in temperature to offer you with the preferred coolness which you have set. Compared to others, Minister manufactures the first-rate first-class air conditioner in Bangladesh making this company a the front runner withinside the AC market.